Mikaelah : Koa

Mikaelah is a Brooklyn based trained and certified energy worker + medicine woman. Born into a lineage of curanderas from South America and a raised Spiritist, the healing arts community has been a home for Mikaelah since the day she was born. She combines her South American and Caribbean roots with her studies of healing modalities from around the world to curate ceremonies around the US. 
Her grandmother Maria Lourdes Morillo, known spiritually as "La Montes" lived her life traveling the world as a spiritual healer. She became famous throughout Latin America, Europe and eventually the US during her career, having a book written about her life as a healing artist. During her life she mothered nine children, six of them women. Among the youngest of the nine was Mikaelah's mother Rosie. Rosie was born highly intuitive with clairvoyant abilities and mothered Mikaelah, born naturally empathic, clairsentient, and with a deep rooted connection to the Spirit World. Throughout Lourdes's life the ancestral healing traditions and teachings from the Elders + from Spirit were passed down generation by generation to the women in her family that felt called to study the Healing Arts. These ancestral teachings are sacred and maintained today with utmost honor and respect in Mikaelah's family and within her work.
This spiritual journey is a part of Mikaelah's ancestry and soul path that she deeply resonates with. She keeps a strong spiritual connection to her grandmother's work even after her passing and knows this work is lifetimes deep filled with wisdom and guidance. The healing arts has evolved to becoming a key element in Mikaelah's every day way of life, mindset, and approach to the world we live in.

Helios + Solene

In 2016, after years of build up and universal guidance Mikaelah decided to quit her NYC fashion job and pursue healing work full time. She heard and felt the call loud and clear to share these Divine gifts for the good of others and to become an active part of her community. Ever since this exponential shift in mindset her life has never been the same. One door after another has opened and she has found her life calling and innermost soul purpose in the spiritual healing + holistic wellness community.  
She studied under different masters and mentors in the field, attended trainings and certification programs, dove deep into lectures & events, and learned as much as she could about different modalities of healing. After acquiring experience through apprenticeships, mentorships, and receiving her certifications with world renowned healers, she decided to birth Helios + Solene. Inspired by her life long connection to the Divine Feminine, Mother Moon, the Earth's Waters, Light Work, and Pacha Mama, Helios + Solene was named after the Grecian Sun God and Moon Goddess. It is her life purpose to continue to live her truth and create safe and sacred spaces for others to heal: mind, body, and spirit and live more fulfilling lives aligned with their soul's purpose.

Certifications + Training


Image to the right is Emily and her Grandmother circa 1992.


Image to the left is the book written about Emily's Grandmother Maria Lourdes Morillo, otherwise known as La Montes.

La Confesion de las Brujas by Jose Cayuela.

Image to the left is Emily and her mother Rosie circa 2016.