Koa : Mikaelah

Koa Mikaelah is a third generation medicine woman of Venezuelan + Cuban descent. Birthed into a long lineage of curanderas from South America and a raised Spiritist, the healing arts community has been a home for Koa since the day she was born. She combines her latinx earth medicine roots with her studies of healing modalities from around the world to curate deep + beautiful healing ceremonies around the US.


Koa’s grandmother Maria Lourdes Morillo, known spiritually as "La Montes" lived her life traveling the world as a curandera (spiritual healer). She became famous throughout Latin America, Europe and eventually the US during her career, having a book written about her life as a healing artist. During her life she mothered nine children, six of them women. Among the youngest of the nine was Koa's mother Rosie. Rosie was born highly intuitive with clairvoyant abilities and mothered Koa, born naturally empathic, clairsentient, and with a deep rooted connection to the Spirit World.

Throughout Lourdes's life the ancestral healing traditions and teachings from both Ancestors + Spirit were passed down generation by generation throughout the women in her family that felt called to the medicine path. These ancestral teachings are sacred and maintained today with utmost honor and respect in Mikaelah's work, passed down through three generations of Medicine Women in her family.

Helios + Solene

In 2016, Spirit delivered the call loud and clear to share this medicine with the collective and to become an active part of her community.

After years of study + apprenticeship under world renowned healers, Helios + Solene was born. Inspired by Koa’s life long connection to the Divine Feminine, Mother Moon, the Earth's Waters, Light Work, and Pacha Mama, Helios + Solene was named after the Grecian Sun God and Moon Goddess. It is her life purpose to continue to live her truth and create safe and sacred spaces for others to heal: mind, body, and spirit and live more fulfilling lives aligned with their soul's purpose.

Koa believes we are all healers and that when we set aside our egos + listen deeply to our guidance, Spirit will deliver the medicine path we need to heal. Helios + Solene is the vessel for this medicine to be shared, if you are here, welcome. I can’t wait to journey with you.

*Note: Koa Mikaelah was previously known as Emily Mikaelah, before the name Koa was gifted. In some instances in press or testimonials you will see both names referred to.


Certifications + Training


Image to the right is Koa and her Grandmother circa 1992.


Image to the left is the book written about Koa's Grandmother Maria Lourdes Morillo, otherwise known as La Montes.

La Confesion de las Brujas by Jose Cayuela.

Image to the left is Koa and her mother Rosalia circa 2016.