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Coming Back Home To Yourself Breath Ceremony

  • Jill Lindsey 370 Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11205 United States (map)

Are you ready to step into your truth? In order to open up to our Divine potential and unlock the mysteries of our calling we need to go inward and heal old wounds from the past. Through the conscious release of these heavy energetic vibrations we open up our physical, spiritual, and astral bodies to the potential of the Universe, making room in the energetic self for the manifestation of our highest power.

Join Mikaelah of Helios + Solene as she guides and supports your journey into you inner world. She ties her Curandera roots and ancestral teachings with the power of breath, plant, sound, and Spirit medicine to uplift, empower, and restore your vibrational being.

The time to drop your baggage is now. As we bid farewell to that which no longer serves our highest good we cleanse ourselves of the energetic blockages that have been caused by trauma, past life karmic events, abuse, fear, depression, self inhibitions, and more. 

This healing method activates the mental body, releasing endorphins in the brain which allows the opening up of the physical body to experience a deep spiritual journey. The breath allows spirit to move through you assisting in releasing stagnant energetic blockages and filling the client with deep rooted healing and radical self love. The results are soul shifting transformations, leaving you cleared, grounded, deeply relaxed, and sometimes a witness to a psychedelic spiritual experience. Please dress comfortably, bring a notebook if you wish, and a sacred item to place on the altar. 


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