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Clearing the Space : Making a Sacred Feather Wand

  • Jill Lindsey 370 Myrtle Ave Brooklyn, NY 11205 USA (map)

Throughout time mankind has had a deep spiritual connection to nature and the animal kingdom. Our relationship with the birds runs deep as they are considered the sacred messengers of the Divine, sending off our prayers to the Spirit world. They are considered the link between heaven and earth and are powerful allies for mankind. 

From these sacred birds we are blessed with prayer feathers, shed naturally and offered as gifts from these animal allies. Through these feathers we can program our intentions and prayers for healing + blessings for ourselves and loved ones. The first nations utilized feather smudge wands to send their intentions of prayer up to the heavens, fanning the smoke of burning herbs around the body and temple. 

It is believed that to gain blessings of the higher spirits you must offer a gift that will delight them and the stronger in purity and love of the creator’s prayer by its creator the stronger energetic essence the wand will carry.

Join Emily Mikaelah of Helios + Solene as she guides you in making your very own sacred feather wand. Together we will learn the ceremonial ways of preparing these offerings to the animal kingdom, native elders and teachers, and Spirit as we ask for their blessings in our creation.

In this class we will go over:

  • Sacred herbs + meanings
  • Offerings to Pachamama
  • Altar creation and elements 
  • Elements of the sacred wand 
  • Creating with intention: Making consciously + sustainably with respect to Nature
  • Each student will make and take home their very own feather wand!

*All feathers used for this class are sustainably sourced from cruelty free farms and are naturally shed by it’s original owners. Birds live free-range and are never caged, as well as nourished properly and cared for by their owner. Leather used for wand handle is up-cycled from fabric waste tossed by the NYC Garment District. Students are welcome to bring their own feathers.

*Please note- for students bringing their own feathers please honor the lineage of it’s owner and understand that feathers that are not sourced sustainably may carry the vibrations of it’s original owner.



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