• S 🌚 L S T I C E • S I S T E R S •

• S 🌚 L S T I C E • S I S T E R S •
This past week I've had the honor to hold three ceremonies for some amazing goddesses. We've been talking a lot about the Winter Solstice and entering the energy of the Crone.

A lot has come up for me surrounding community and the craving that our generation is left facing. You see back in the good ol days before cell phones and social media, when we all climbed trees and chased lizards (or maybe that was just me) when we needed council we would seek it from our elders. Our grandmothers, aunts, sisters, cousins, friends, neighbors, anyone we trusted that had the wisdom and experience of living on this earth for a few more decades than us brought great medicine to our lives. Fast forward to 2016 and we find ourselves seeking that same council from google, bloggers, celebrities, most of which is screen facing and lacks physical human interaction.

I've been thinking about this a lot and how it relates to so many of us feeling the need to"find ourselves" or "find our tribe". I wonder if our laptops and phones are now holding the space that once belonged to the the elder. I wonder if scrolling through 2D images and tabs on a computer screen now hold the space of community members. I wonder if the ability to communicate with others across Mother Earth in an instant is simultaneously leading us into solitude.

I'm left wondering as a educator and someone that services the community how I can bring a larger sense of communal energy from the classroom to the lives of busy New Yorkers. So I came up with Solstice Sisters, open to everyone that feels called to join. Today at 11:11 pm we will burn sachets filled with healing herbs and slips of paper with our intentions of release on them. If you would like to participate we are happy to hold space for you, please see directions below:

Cut a 4x4" piece of cloth. Write your intentions on everything you would like to release going into the new year. Add healing herbs along with written intentions to the sachet. Tie up when done. Herbs used in Ceremony stated below:

Mugwort- clears the mind, dreamwork
Rosemary- improves memory, purification, + love
Sea Salt- absorbs negative energy
Basil- prosperity, happiness, smooths communication (hello Mercury Retrograde)
Bay leaf- protection, clairvoyance, invokes change
White Sage- banishes negativity + dark energy
Cedar- abundance, grounding, invokes Archangel Michael
Roses- opens the heart, brings love, honors the Divine Feminine

Once sachet is complete say a prayer for release and ask for divine guidance from elders, spirit guides, angels, etc. At 11:11 pm declare your intentions for release, taking part in this ritual knowing other goddesses in the community are doing the same. Feel the energy of communal gathering. Burn your sachets in a safe outdoor environment. Journal about your experience.

Emily Mikaelah