Divine Feminine Sacred Goddess Bath

Hello Love Beings!

Those that have attended my classes may know, I am a light worker. I come from a lineage of South American Medicine Women and I work in the realms of the Divine Feminine, connectivity to Pachamama, the Mother, the Moon, the Ocean, and the Angels. I honor the Ancestor, the Animal Spirit, the Guides, and the Plant Spirit along with any other beings that come along with high intentions. Through my spiritual journey I have developed a deep and interconnected relationship to these messengers of the light and they have begun manifesting themselves through signs in the physical world around me as reminders of the sacred.

A few months ago I was on a deep personal journey surrounding the release of Ancestral Karma held in the womb and second chakra (reach out to me if you want to learn more about this by the way), and after what seemed like years of lifetimes of journeying I hit a breakthrough. I found myself in a hot and heavy session with spirit, with my womb opening up and the energy vibrating upwards in spirals of heat and light, traveling up my body towards the heavens, and finally bursting open my crown in order to receive some serious instant download.

My guides appeared to me under the guidance of a glowing red-violet rose. For those of you that may not be familiar, the rose is often synonymous with the Divine Feminine, the Mother, Gaia energy. The rose appeared before my eyes engulfed in a warm and glowing golden light. She began to communicate with me through a telepathic spiritual exchange, and I began to see ingredients float before my body, right above the heart, one by one. Each time the Rose spirit would approve of one, it would slightly nod with it's glow getting a little brighter and the ingredient would vanish into what felt like an invisible basket within my hands.

I quickly began to realize what was happening, my guides were giving me the recipe for a sacred bath. I had heard my aunt and grandmother (both powerful Medicine Women) talk about this happening to them when they were entranced by spirit. I fully embraced it, trying to make a mental note of all the ingredients while still staying "in the moment" as to preserve the sanctity of this meditative guidance. (Cheers to awful short term memory, am I right?)

In the end, once all the ingredients had stopped appearing I spoke to the rose. "What is this bath for?" Without hesitation I received an answer, "To honor the Divine Feminine, to access the Goddess within, to connect to the ancestry of womanhood, and for rapid and prosperous growth".  I was all in, I mean really you had me at Divine Feminine. I thanked my spirit guides, deeply, gratefully, whole-heartedly, and I asked them when I should take the bath. The response was a sassy yet affirming, "You'll know when it's time". I laughed out loud because I know their workings and by now I really should have known better.

Since then I have only shared this recipe with a few students of mine, my mother, and a close friend. The time has now come to share with you all. I received the okay from my guides this morning to pass on this sacred knowledge and will be listing the ingredients below. I ask that you preserve the sanctity of this bath, this is a gift from the Spirit World, the Mother, the Divine. I share it with you with a full heart in hopes that it will make you glow a little brighter after you take it.

Post bath I was vibrating with Goddess energy for four days. My hair felt lustrous, soft, fertile. I felt a deep connection to womanhood, generations before and after, as if my womb in itself was activated at full capacity and all the power it holds was flowing upwards towards my heart. I felt more in love with my body, my sexuality, my ancestry. I remember looking at myself in the mirror, standing naked holding and hugging myself with tears of joy saying "Thank you body, Thank you! For all the steps you've carried and nurtured me. I'm sorry for doubting you. I vow to love you, protect you, nourish you, and value you." I felt like the warm golden glow of the rose was surrounding my completely, in an orb of light. I hope this bath empowers you as much as it did me. I would love to hear your stories, send me a love note at emily@heliosandsolene.com if you feel called to try it out.

With love + gratitude,

Emily Mikaelah

Divine Feminine Sacred Goddess Bath

  • Deep red/burgundy roses
  • Sunflower petals
  • White daisies
  • Whole Star Anise
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • A halved Peach (baked or dehydrated) with the pit
  • Honey (orange blossom if possible)
  • And crystal you feel connected to at the moment (carnelian and tigers eye came up for me)


  1. Cut the peach in half and bake it in the oven for 20-30 minutes at 350 degrees
  2. Taken the flowers off the stems and put into a big pot thanking each flower as you place it inside. *Remember our intentions go into each bath we work with, try to maintain your energy as pure as possible while preparing the sacred bath. Save one rose for your altar, and one rose for a mandala along with four sunflower petals.
  3. Add a few leaves from the rose stems to the pot
  4. Add star anise, cinnamon sticks, and honey. Fill pot with water until flowers are fully submerged and begin to boil.
  5. Add the peach halves with the pit to the pot once done baking
  6. Continue to boil the bath until the roses lose their color and the water turns pink.
  7. Add your intention to the bath (this could be orally, mentally, or written on a piece of paper)
  8. Once done boiling allow the bath to cool (you may add cold water to the bath to neutralize the temperature) and begin to prepare the bathroom
  9. Sage the bath area before hand and ask for your guide's blessings. Smudge with Palo Santo if you're feeling ungrounded.
  10. Create a small flower mandala in the bathroom with one rose in the center and four sunflower petals around it to honor the four directions. Light a white candle and burn some frankincense. Dim the lights, set the mood.
  11. Put a crystal you feel drawn to into the bath and pour in contents from the pot. 
  12. Put on some music that moves your spirit, eat some dark chocolate, enjoy basking in the gifts from the Goddess Divine.
  13. When you're done scrub your body with the flower petals that are stuck onto your skin. Collect the remaining contents from the bath and give them back to the Earth. I laid mine in a circle around a tree outside of my building for the fairies.


Emily Mikaelah