Channeled Love Notes: Full Moon in Pisces


I am not usually as open with my personal downloads I receive during my meditations but over the past week with the Full Moon and all of the natural disasters happening around the world I received the message from Spirit loud and clear the importance of sharing messages with the collective.

So here we go... These questions were asked by me to my Guides/Ascended Masters during the Full Moon when I was feeling weighed down by the feeling of helplessness of watching my family in Cuba and Miami about to get slammed by Irma while I was riding my bike through sunny Brooklyn streets trying to remain positive.

How can I best serve the collective?

"Teach people through giving. Everything you have ever learned has been a gift of knowledge, given to you as a result of another's experience. The interconnectedness of us all grows our collective. When one learns we all learn, when one suffers we all suffer, when one prospers we all prosper. There is no competition, that is all of the ego. All that is is love and growth." (Let that last sentence sit)

Pachamama how can I best serve you? How can I best love you? How can I best protect you? .

"Teach them to love me. Teach them grace. Teach them by giving them, showing them humility. People learn when they are given. Don't ever dilute your love and bliss, let it prosper and inspire others to feel my joy."(Queue image of me floating up a waterfall dancing and crying and yelling with bliss) "Be in this undiluted joyful bliss. This is life. This is expression. The inner child dances as much as she weeps."

That night I held myself and laughed as much as I cried out of gratitude and I danced and sang and did yoga to Guru Ram Das mantras for about 4 hours. 

Emily Mikaelah