A love letter

Hello Dear Ones,

I have been quiet lately. Not because I am doing less, but truly because I’ve been doing more than ever before. It’s easy to fall into comparing yourselves to others while living in a society of curated timelines and highlight reels. The truth is I have been quiet on here but loud in real life. I’ve felt a slight disconnect with social media and only want to share when it feels authentic. This is difficult when you run a private practice that depends on personal marketing but I trust that those who feel aligned to work with me will find a way when it is the right time for us to come together.

In the spirit of transparency I want to share what I’ve been up to. Traditionally I take Winters off to do self work. This is a sacred time for me to dive into my inner world and do the work necessary to be able to serve from a full cup come Spring time. I’ve been working hard with my mentors and guides on new offerings for you and new direction in my work.

I’ve also done all of the following since October:

- Moved away from my home of 8 years
- Moved in with my partner - Lost my first family pet
- Learned so much about health and vitality in a sometimes difficult way

- Started a new career curating conscious and non profit events across the US and UK. Since October I’ve curated 124 events across 8 cities and served over a thousand people.

- Started taking art classes for the simple joy of learning

- Continued my mentorship with Grandmother Marika and studied traditional Native Medicine and Curanderismo
- Relaunched my website + revamped my offerings (link in bio)
- Opened a private studio for one on one sessions(!!!)
- Met my new animal guide, the Black Panther

- In addition to all of the triggers and karmic work we all go through over time + especially during all of these past eclipse seasons

It seems like a lot when I write it out but I feel revitalized and buzzing with creative energy. Thank you for being here for me.

I will be offering services to the community again in April and launching my practice In Philadelphia for the first time. NYC I will continue to offer my services monthly + the date will vary based on availability so please contact me directly to inquire. 
I am so excited to serve again. Limitless gratitude for trusting in this work and walking this medicine path with me.

Big love,

Koa Mikaelah

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