Channeled Love Notes: An Aries Full Moon

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Full Moon in Aries has me recommitting to my highest self in deeper, expansive, and more sustainable ways. This past week building up to the full moon has been all about manifestations in my life and how they correlate to emotion. Our lives change when we accept that events are never happening TO us but instead we are constantly creating them. The circumstances exist to guide deep memories and emotions to the surface and how we show up for ourselves in these times of rawness determines whether they flow out with grace or marinate at surface level. .
So I ask myself this everyday, how strongly am I willing to commit to myself and my journey? How often am I willing and capable of being reborn, allowing those old skins to die and shed? And when I'm in the midst of it all and the shadows start to gain weight, I ask myself who's feeding them? Can I go deeper? I'm thankful for this stardust that makes up this body and the inner universe that connects me to other realms and realities. And when I start to question or doubt this whole crazy thing we call human existence I keep in mind that the trials I face in this lifetime are lessons that I chose to help this old soul grow stronger, wiser, and full of love.

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