Channeled Love Notes: On (Re)Defining Yourself

A friendly reminder that you are not what you do, who you hang out with, where you go, what you wear, what you own, how many followers you have, etc. etc. etc. 

You are the essence of the Divine manifested into a perfect human body here to learn and unlearn the lessons needed for your spiritual evolution. 

I want to make one thing very clear. I am not my work. My work is it’s own entity that lives and breathes and dances through me. I have always treated it as it’s own being and will continue to respect it’s own evolution and unfolding. I am just a messenger and a student in service to it’s development. It takes me on a journey past life times and dimensions and brings me back to a deeper understanding of my SELF.  

I do not heal. I hold space for healing to take place. My clients do not come to me because I perform miracles. They come to me because I make them feel safe, seen, loved, and protected enough to dive into the depths of their shadows so they can finally see their own light. Spirit heals, I am merely the concierge that holds the door open between worlds.

Assigning ownership to these acts of the Divine or utilizing them to puff up the feathers of the ego strips them of their Sacredness.

I am here and you are here to learn and love and live and we are all warriors of the light doing our best to live freely and in bliss. 

The most powerful thing a client has ever said to me was when I was still training under my mentor. He looked up at me after a session with tears in his eyes and he told me for the first time in his life he felt completely seen and not judged. That is what I am here to do, that is what this work is about, when you open your heart and shed the old layers of heartache and trauma you can see all those in front of your though the eyes of God’s Divine Love.

You are as much human as you are spiritual being and all “mistakes” and “set backs” you put yourself down for are just new learnings unfolding, so take it easy. We are all learning.

Love you. 

Emily Mikaelah