Spiritual Self Protection for the Activist

Take a deep breath darling, your light is needed more than ever before. 

Greetings love beings! Wow, what an energetically packed time it is in our country. As we prepare ourselves for a new presidency the Moon makes it's way into Scorpio, reminding us not to forget our shadows. The time has come for us to sweep the dirt out from under the rug as the Moon wanes, preparing to move into Aquarius on the 27th.

Take advantage of this energetic time to dive deep into your work behind the scenes. Travel inward, tap into your sorrows, fears, and worries. Find the root of what aches you, acknowledge it's presence and learn it's lessons. Shed light on that little nagging piece of you that constantly pokes and mocks when you try to shove it away into the dusty corner. Give it the attention it craves, meditate on it, seek the message of truth behind it, here lies the medicine. In this time we are urged to finish abandoned projects, release attachments and past hurts, and gain redemption over our shadows. "It is only through the examination of those aspects that our intentions get clearer. Our manifestations become more expansive, more in line with our higher self." -Modern Women

To be spiritually enlightened is not to have only good days. It is to see the light in the darkness, to see the truth in the doubts, and to see the lessons in the trials. It is confronting your shadow side and allowing it the space for forgiveness, compassion, and release.

"The darkness is part of all of our cycles. The unknown before the answer. The rock bottom before the rise up. Our unconsciousness, our demons, our uncomfortable truth. Invite the darkness in. Summon your shadowy parts up to the surface and use them as a trusted messenger." - Modern Women

I have been feeling the collective consciousness surrounding this inauguration and Women's March strongly in my heart chakra.

To all of the women out there that are taking action in whatever form it may be: at home, in the schools, in the community, in the workplace, spreading the word on social media, whatever it may be, know that I am so grateful. You are supported, and appreciated, and loved. You are powerful, and enough, and limitless. And most importantly your body is your temple and no one, (not even a collective of political oppressive patriarchs) can ever take your power.

Inside every woman lies a goddess and when we come together our power can move mountains.


Tool Kit for Spiritual Self Protection for the Activist

-Black Obsidian: a protective stone that forms a shield against negativity, absorbing negative energy and preventing psychic attack. Also known as the truth enhancer and for it's connection to Mother Gaia.
-Rose Quartz: opens the heart chakra to lead with love and compassion. Fosters empathy and forgiveness of others. Clears out any negative emotions held in the heart and soothes relationships. Known for it's connection to the Divine Feminine.
-Rosemary: It is said that a healthy rosemary plant grows where a woman is the head of the family. Rosemary is associated with the water element, the goddesses of the sea, and is used for purification, protection, and passion. To consume, drink in tea or burn dry herb on altar, you may also drop a few rosemary oil drops into bath.
-Sea Salt: Protects against psychic attack, absorbs negativity, purifies an environment and/or person. Add to bath and soak in it for cleanse of the body. Sprinkle in four corners of a room to spiritually cleanse the home. Sweep up when it feels heavy and start again as needed. 
-White Sage: Wards off evil spirits and cleanses negative energy. Burned for protection, clearing, and blessings. Burn dry white sage to smudge the home, body, or objects.
-Florida Water: Used to remove heavy vibrations and encourages expression of emotions. Dab on front and back of neck after ceremony or ritual. Can be used to cleanse negativity in the home when mixed with natural cleaning products. Use on countertops, floors, dab a small amount on paper towel to cleanse altar items. 

Stay Safe. Stay Strong. Stay United. Stay Powerful.

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