Sacred Space : Cleanse

Sacred Space : Cleanse


Space Cleansing + Blessing

Reclaim your home as your temple. I offer this service to home renters, owners, and businesses to cleanse any low vibrational + stagnant energy from a space that is no longer of service to those preside there. With over 15 years experience in home and space energy cleansing I can create an environment that no longer feels off but instead feels sacred. This process begins with a walkthrough, an altar building ceremony, a vibrational cleansing of the home, and is closed with a blessing. *Also beneficial for new home owners, and during life transitions: marriage, break ups, childbirth, transition into working from home, etc.

Due to the amount of time + energy of this offering prices start at $222 + vary depending on size of home. Please contact me for a complimentary phone consultation.

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