Written by  Christina Perez  for  Vogue  // Photography by  Whimsical Imagery

Written by Christina Perez for Vogue // Photography by Whimsical Imagery

Written by  Christina Perez  for  Vogue  // Photography by Everett

Written by Christina Perez for Vogue // Photography by Everett

Free People Blog: Healer Series  // Written by Emily Mikaelah // Photos by  Ashley Glynn

Free People Blog: Healer Series // Written by Emily Mikaelah // Photos by Ashley Glynn

Free People Blog: Healer Series  // Written by Koa Mikaelah // Photos by  Ashley Glynn

Free People Blog: Healer Series // Written by Koa Mikaelah // Photos by Ashley Glynn

Written by  Natalie Shukur  for  Free People  // Photography by Ashley Glynn

Written by Natalie Shukur for Free People // Photography by Ashley Glynn

Free People Blog: Healer Series  // Written by Koa Mikaelah // Photos by  Ashley Glynn

Free People Blog: Healer Series // Written by Koa Mikaelah // Photos by Ashley Glynn

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Emily Mikaelah talks about her journey with spirituality, starting a business, and what's next for Helios + Solene. 

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Take the time to honor your own inner light and it’s expansion over your shadows, and hold gratitude for your recent journey,” advises Mikaelah. “Remembering that honoring the quiet times of transition in between is just as valuable to our self-care as doing the work, and that not every flower in the garden blooms at the same time.
— Emily Mikaelah for Vogue
“Lunar energy is the epitome of Gaia energy, the divine feminine consciousness that can be tender and nurturing yet fierce and relentless all at once,” explains energy healer and spiritual coach Koa Mikaelah of Brooklyn-based Helios + Solene. Thus, mystics and healers the world over hold the moon’s cycles in sacred regard, marking its passing phases with ceremonies and rituals to honor the connection between nature and ourselves.
— Christina Perez
Brooklyn-based energetic healer Koa Mikaelah of Helios + Solene wants you to approach the spring equinox with good intentions. To make sure we step into the new season with our spirits and head held high, she paid us a visit to show us how to make our very own at-home ritual bath.

“Now is a really powerful time to do all sorts of rituals and meditative work,” she says. The best part? You can add as much or as little ingredients as your heart desires.
— Nylon Magazine
Three Brooklyn-based, holistic It Girls’ give us their best tips and rituals for starting off the season feeling balance, healthy, and positive. this year, in order to properly ensure that our minds, bodies, and souls are restored to their fullest potential, we enlisted the help of Reiki master and Akashic Records practitioner Peyton Sandler, Sol Sips founder and chef Francesca Chaney, and energetic healer Koa Mikaelah of Helios + Solene to show us some easy at-home rituals we can perform to get a fresh start.
— Nylon Magazine
I am a manifestation of Divine love. I am a vessel of light, a messenger of truth, and a guardian of the sacred. I am a protector of the Earth, a sister to all. I am here to serve all who feel called to prosper, to love, to live their highest potential. I am a life artist, bird spirit, magic wombman. Daughter of the sun and moon, daughter of the ocean. I am the collection of all the women I have ever been, and all of the women I will become. In sacred service to the light, I am here to support you on your journey to your truth.

Mujer de la luna, Hija del mar.
— Koa Mikaelah for Free People
I left the gathering with a new community of spirit seekers, vibrant warriors across the globe that understood the power of sisterhood. I knew that together, as a collective, in solidarity, the world was waking up again. So I sit here now, and I say to you… dear sister, wherever you are and however you stand, I see you, I hear you, your dreams matter to me, and I hold space for your infinite divine power. Welcome to the gathering of the goddesses.
— Koa Mikaelah
It took attending only one breath work session with Koa Mikaelah to know I had just experienced something transformative — stirring breath, clearing blockages and negative patterns, paving the way for what best serves our truest selves. Grounded by a beautiful sense of ceremony, I left both aware and appreciative of both my newfound inner wisdom and the effect of breath on body, mind and spirit.
— Natalie Shukur
Creating a sacred container for ceremony that provides a fresh palette for spiritual work to take place without the intermingling of outside energies…
— Koa Mikaelah
“I’m really happy this community is thriving in New York and Los Angeles, but there are so many people we’re missing,” says Brooklyn-based breathwork healer Emily Mikaelah, who has been feeling pulled to spend more time working outside of the city, in places like Asheville, NC and Austin, TX. The Helios + Solene founder was especially inspired to do so after holding a workshop in Miami, FL over the holidays for a packed—and ultra-eager—house. “Healing isn’t selective, and I think it should be as accessible as being able to go to church on a Sunday morning.”
— Erin Magner - Well + Good
Emily led the ceremony in front of an altar decorated with long stem pink roses, yellow daises flowers, candles and meditation music.

The experience was indeed therapeutic, empowering, deeply relaxing, and TOTALLY psychedelic. At one point, I lost feeling in my legs and kept going in and out of consciousness surrounded by sound, aromatherapy, and positive affirmations. Proceeds were donated to Planned Parenthood.
— WhoIzbelle
Emily Mikaelah, an energy healer who runs the Brooklyn-based practice Helios + Solene, meditates daily and also describes receiving ideas when she’s practicing. On days when she feels the need, she does breathwork, “an active meditation that moves spirit through the body, allowing it to break through stagnant energy blockages.” “There is a special form of inspiration that comes from the deep depths of the self,” she says, “It’s what the Spiritual community often calls ‘instant download,’ it’s like you have no choice but to manifest this energy into creation.”
— Alice Newell-Hanson, i-D Magazine
Practitioners in both New York City (Erin Telford, Emily Mikaelah) and Los Angeles (Ashley Neese, Madeline Giles) are introducing the modality to a new generation of seekers, many of whom swear that it’s freed them from repressed trauma and addiction, enhanced their creativity, and sharpened their intuition.

Plus, these next-gen breathwork priestesses all seem to be bathed in an aura of peace and good vibes—a total contrast to the dark and hellish confab my friend described all those months ago. If I were to breathe like those women, I wondered, would I be serene and glowy like them, too? I took a big breath and decided to find out.
— Erin Magner - Well + Good

Emily Mikaelah talks womb healing, sisterhood, Divine Feminine Wisdom, and the #metoo movement.

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Koa talks Ancestral Healing + Following Your Truth on Living Open Podcast

Koa talks Ancestral Healing + Following Your Truth on Living Open Podcast

Love Notes

Emily is a powerful healer who has a presence that radiates love, nurture, and acceptance. I felt immediately comfortable and at peace around her, as if I had known her my entire life. During our session my body was filled with deep vibrational love energy, I cried happy tears, and we hugged for a while afterwards, a long deep hug. I felt as though she saw the real me.
— Daniel, Breathwork Session, 2016
Walking into a session with Emily after having a truly awful week I had no idea what to expect. From the very beginning of the session when we spoke about how I had been feeling lately and throughout into the end of the session I felt a profound sense of peace. I loved that she spoke to me through the process so I understood what she was doing and why she was doing it. She also gave me tips and tools on other steps I could take outside of the session to continue the path to self care. I can not wait for my next session.
— Rafael, Intuitive Healing Session, 2016
Last night I had a chakra attunement session with healer Emily Mikaelah of Helios + Solene. Woke up this morning feeling restored and ready to fight for my people, to march for all women and heal through art and spirit.
— Naima Green, Artist and Activist, Chakra Attunement, Day of the Women's March 2017
I had the best experience ever with Emily!! I would highly recommend this to anyone who has a desire to work on themselves as a person. I did a breathing session, and it was like nothing I have ever experienced before. I have had Reiki sessions before - but this was the ultimate experience. I received the best treatment. Emily is a very wise person and she guide me through the entire process. I really released a lot of hidden emotions that I didn’t even know i was carrying with me, and I wish everyone had the opportunity to experience this at least once in their lifetime. I’m looking forward to another session like this one. If I could give more stars I most certainly would!!
— Diana, Breathwork Session, 2017
Thank you for our session last month. It was intense and left me calm for a few weeks!
— Susan, Breathwork Session, 2017
I attended your breath work class a few weeks ago at Breathe and it was amazing—- I’ve signed up for the next one too! I’m sure people tell you all the time, but I actually had a bit of a vision during it and it was really helpful for progressing my practice.
— Kate, Breathwork Ceremony 2017
Emily, I want to thank you for the most wonderful healing session I have ever had. I have been working and training within the healing world for many years and can honestly say that the session I had with you was the best and most productive I have ever had. You have a true gift and I look forward to seeing you at the next session
— Christine, Breathwork Ceremony 2017
Emily, thank you so much again for coming out yesterday. The house smells so good, and I was able to put my mind at ease.
Thank you for the candles and the extra stuff for the house. Always a pleasure having you.
We are looking forward to a session in the future. Sending you much love and peace.
— Diana + Hal, Sacred Space Session 2018
I feel FANTASTIC. I didn’t really know what to expect post our session, but yesterday I was walking around and was like- I feel so energized and lighter. I’m sleeping so well. I can’t believe the change. I feel like I’ve been seeing all of these doctors and really
all I needed was to release some energy :)
Thank you so much!
— Julie, Intuitive Healing Session, 2017
Emily is a true healer. She’s a gentle, kind, warm, compassionate woman to work with. My session with her was powerful in a way I didn’t expect. I was able to purge “stuff” during our session that I held for far too long. She has terrific energy, welcoming personality and a gentle touch. I can’t recommend her enough!! We had her come to our home as NYC was too far and it was a great choice to be in our own environment for the breathwork.
— Jim, Breathwork + Reiki Session, 2017
I have to say I was amazed by how intense the session was. It was unexpected in a really good way. I was so afraid of the breathwork but you made me feel safe beyond what I ever could have imagined, so thank you. I’m so happy I met you. I am remembering to surrender and trust, plus taking it slow... Thank you again. I am grateful to have met you.
— Susan, Breathwork Session, 2017
I am already feeling a bit lighter, a bit freer...

Thank you again. You have a very soothing energy.
— Alicia, Breathwork Ceremony 2017
Hi Emily! I looked up Jaguar medicine and I feel like you it the nail on the head! I’m so excited to continue to read and learn about it and everything else. I know I’m going to have a million questions for you at some point! Thank you so so much again.
— Ariel - Breathwork Ceremony 2017
I can tell you that it’s easier to see difficult situations at home with my fiance, and I’m much better at handling them and diffusing them than before. I am getting more deep sleep and my dreams aren’t as crazy.
— Diana Breathwork Session 2017