Healing Trio White Sage Bundle

Healing Trio White Sage Bundle

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The Healing Trio sage bundle is a staple of Helios + Solene combining all three offered smudge bundles into one powerful, enhancing, and empowering bundle.

This sage bundle combines the clearing power of organic white sage with organic thuja twigs, and organic bay leaves. White sage is known to clear negative energy, purify and protect objects, spaces, and people, and for healing. Thuja twigs, also known as white cedar, are known for it's purifying and protective properties. It has been used traditionally in Native American ceremonies for releasing heavy emotional energies. It is also burned before sleep to banish bad dreams. Bay Leaves are known for bringing psychic awareness and purification. In combination these multi-purposeful three healing herbs are quite powerful and bring balance, cleansing, and awareness to a space.

Our sage bundles are made by hand in our Brooklyn studio out of the freshest wild harvested California White Sage. We bundle each stem with intention and prayer for our clients, infusing it with Reiki healing energy and positive affirmations. Sage bundles can be used to cleanse and protect yourself and surrounding spaces by clearing out negative energy through burning and smudging rituals. 

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