South American Smudging Wand

South American Smudging Wand


These handmade smudging wands are made from ethically sourced macaw feathers. Each smudging wand is one of a kind and there is a limited amount due to the nature of ethically sourced materials. Natural imperfections in the feathers occur due to the fact that these birds live active happy lives!


The Macaw: the largest breed of parrot in the world. Native to Central and South American rainforests, including my home country of Venezuela. This breed has followed me my entire life. Bringing the medicine of wisdom, vision, communication, guidance, and freedom, the Parrot totem reminds us to listen to nature and awaken to the language of our own intuition. They open the bridges of communication for better understanding and activate the throat chakra. Birds that can be taught the human tongue are seen as a link between two worlds, that of mankind and of nature. They manifest intelligence, harmony, and creativity in our lives allowing us to fly high above our own limits and expectations.


This project is dear to my heart. Through universal guidance and permission I share this gift with you. It is medicine that combines both my ancestral origins and my spirit animal, the bird. These feathers have fallen naturally from healthy, loved birds which are cared for by someone dear to my heart. They roam outside of their cages and hold conversations with humans, they eat bananas and mangos and dance and beatbox. With their permission I have sanitized and blessed these shed feathers and created a limited amount of smudge wands with healing intentions. Each one is unique, and there is a finite quantity as is the nature of sustainably made goods. I can not make any more until the birds shed more feathers naturally as the health and wellbeing of the birds is priority. I offer these wands to those that feel called to work with the bird spirit. If you have questions or are interested in inquiring please email me at

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