Healing Services 

The following is a variety of holistic healing services I offer to my clients. All private sessions are by appointment in NYC. I also offer home visits at no additional charge for private and group sessions in the NYC area. Distance healing is also available through skype and phone for those outside the NYC Metro area. For travel options or special requests please contact me below.

For a free consultation, or to book a session please contact emily@heliosandsolene.com


Intuitive Energy Healing

An intuitive energy healing session is most beneficial for beginners to the healing arts, or those that want a session but are unsure as to what modality would work best for them. Our intuitive energy healing sessions begin with a one on one confidential consultation and evaluation between the client and the practitioner. Once we establish what areas are experiencing blockages, shortage of energy, or holding fear or pain we can move forward intuitively with the best method for you. Often times in an intuitive energy healing session we may utilize and combine a variety of several different modalities in a single session. While some areas of the body may benefit from Sound Healing, others may need Reiki. As the session develops we begin to unfold and customize a healing session that will work in your favor. This may include a combination of breathwork, reiki, sound healing, crystal healing, meditation, and more.                                             
$125/60 Min Session  $150/90 Min Session

Divine Feminine Womb Healing

The womb that lies within each woman is a space that lives between two worlds, the astral + ethereal and the physical and 3-dimensional. As we journey into this sacred space we come face to face with energy we might be storing of past lovers and relationships, lost children + birth trauma, ancestral karma, sexual abuse, and previous surgeries or illness. In these sessions clients are gently guided inward to help clear and release these stagnant energies to live a more fulfilling and liberated life. Through deep connection to the Divine Feminine we are guided to step into our womb power and release the wounds of the past for ourselves, our ancestry, and our future generations. 
$122/60 Min Session  $155/90 Min Session


Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique founded by Mikao Usui. In Reiki the practitioner utilizes unlimited life force energy through a gentle hands on technique to assist in healing mental, spiritual, and physical ailments in the body. This unlimited life force energy flows through the hands of the practitioner into the patient's clothed body through strategic hand placements. This life force energy re-establishes balance, harmony, and love within the body helping to normalize it's functions. Reiki has been proven to help decrease anxiety, tension, and stress, provide healing and relief from trauma and depression, improve sleep and relaxation, and speed up recovery from physical ailments and injuries. 
$111/60 Min Session  $144/90 Min Session

Crystal Healing

Crystals and gem stones have carry their own vibrations and have naturally strong absorbing and healing properties. They have been effective tools in healing sessions for decades across different cultures and continue to help us live a more balanced life today. A crystal healing session utilizes a combination of methods including deep meditation, breathwork, and reiki to lead to body to a state of thoughtless awareness. Once the client has reached a relaxed state assorted natural healing crystals are strategically placed on the body to absorb any negative energy and release blockages and toxins. After this release has taken place new stones will be placed on the body to renew, recenter, and ground the body. The result is a deep sense of relaxation and release leaving your body in natural harmonious alignment.
$111/60 Min Session  $144/90 Min Session

Breathwork Ceremony

Utilizing the breath in healing work is a powerful and effective hands off technique in bursting through old blockages in the body that are limiting us in life. These blockages may be caused by trauma, past life or ancestral karmic events, abuse, fear, depression, self inhibitions, and more. Trained by renowned healer David Elliot, in a typical breathwork session I guide the patient through a strategic breathing technique that allows spirit to move through them assisting in not only releasing these blockages and negative energies but filling the client with healing and self love. Clients typically feel a deep sense of emotional relief and healing after a breathwork ceremony. 
$122/60 Min Session  $155/90 Min Session

Chakra Attunement

Through my studies and development as a healing arts practitioner I have developed a hyper awareness and deep sense of vibrational feeling in my hands. Although I have been naturally intuitive and empathic since birth this ability was not fully developed until I began to live my truth and start a private practice in healing work. Through my hands and body I can feel where energy is low and/or blocked in the body. Often times I will also get Divine messages for people while applying this technique. Utilizing this ability I am able to offer a unique service to my clients to attune and rebalance the energy in their body, specifically their chakras. In these sessions we begin with consultation, then we first scan the clothed body for any areas of blockages or energy depletion. From there we utilize a variety of tools and techniques such as Sound Healing, Crystals, Reiki, and Breathwork to rebalance the chakras and bring them into alignment. Through this process toxic negative energy is purged from the body and is replaced by positive healing life force energy.
$111/60 Min Session  $144/90 Min Session

Uplifting the Lineage Ancestral Healing

As we navigate through the lessons on our life path we may come face to face with recurring events or patterns that have been occurring through our lineage for generations. These often manifest as habit, addiction, disease, or characteristic that is carried through the generations of our bloodline. When we come into this lifetime to learn and to heal not only do we come to address our own karmic lessons but also the unresolved lessons of our ancestors that are carried through the generations until the chain is broken. In this session clients are gently guided on a journey to come face to face with their ancestors and heal these deep rooted wounds. If you feel called to go on this journey it is because you are strong enough to do this work for your lineage. 

$122/60 Min Session  $155/90 Min Session

Sacred Space Within + Without

This session is a two part series for those students who crave deeper work. In this two part series we first clear the energetic body of any blockages resulting from trauma, past life karmic events, lineage lessons, past relationships, etc. As we create sacred space within we allow ourselves to burst our hearts open to receive and lead with love. Once this first session is complete we clear the energetic vibrations of the home or business, creating sacred space and releasing low energetic vibrations that are collecting as stagnant space. We create a collaborative altar offering to call in the medicine, intentions, and desires needed in this moment, and we open the space to receive the blessings of Spirit. This work is intended for those going through major life transition, seeking renewal, or those wanting intuitive counsel and guidance.

Two Part Session: $222  /  Payment Plan Available: Two Payments of $133

Sacred Space: Energy Clearing and Cleansing (Home/Work Space)

I'm sure many of you have heard the phrase "My home is my temple". Often times when we are facing internal conflict, stress, fear, or depression it tends to outwardly manifest in our common spaces. Because our thoughts have vibrations it is easy for them to become a reality, unfortunately as fulfilling and magical as this may be in the positive light, it can also have negative physical effects on our home and body if we have a negative mindset. I offer this service to home renters, owners, and businesses to cleanse any toxic, negative, stuck energy from a space that is no longer of service to those holding space. With over 15 years experience in home and space energy cleansing I can create an environment that no longer feels stuffy but fresh, renewed, light, and inspiring. In this practice I used a variety of holistic, non-religion affiliated techniques and tools to leave your space feeling full of love, light, and happiness.
Prices vary depending on size of home. Please contact me for a complimentary consultation.

Limpias Con Huevo

Limpias are traditional Latin American folk medicine cleansings done with eggs. The egg is used to absorb any negativity, residual low vibrational energy, susto, or heaviness within and around the energetic body. This is a safe and gentle cleansing that is suitable for children and adults and is my only current offering for infants. Session may include a live egg or black obsidian egg depending on the depth of the healing needed. Each session will be followed by a bath recipe and healing tea.

*Note* I do not break the egg open and read it, this is a very popular custom in this healing modality however it is against my training and belief. I may however provide intuitive guidance in regards to what I am picking up during the session.


End of Life Doula Support

We live in a culture where death has become taboo. We are taught not to talk or even think about it yet it is something we will all inevitably face. An End of Life Doula comes into the death space as a neutral support system for the one transitioning and the family. We help to make the final weeks more comfortable, bringing back the sacredness to this transition and honoring the wishes of the loved one. Our work includes providing rest breaks for the family, creating rituals, legacy projects, + vigils, helping with the operational processes post passing, providing emotional support, and honoring the dying process for your loved one. Currently I am looking to fulfill my training in this work and am seeking volunteer opportunities to provide this service in the NYC area only. Please contact me for more details. 

Corporate Wellness

I've found through my healing journey that taking the time to come back into the body, ground, and purge energetic buildup is most needed in corporate environments. Often times we get caught up in the process and deadlines that we forget to take the time to align ourselves. We produce our best work when we are healthy in the mind, body, and spirit. My corporate wellness offering includes the energetic space cleansing of the workplace and an hour and a half group meditative session. The session will be focused on purging the body of stress buildup and negativity, realigning the chakras to come back into balance, and relaxing the mind to detox from exterior influences. This is a great way to bring your team together before or after an important deadline, during a time of transition, or simply as a feel good team bonding to go into a new week feeling fresh and motivated.

Price varies based on team size, please contact me for a complimentary consultation. 

Past Clients Include: VICE Magazine, iD Magazine, Vogue Magazine, Free People, Lululemon Athletica, Juice Press, Nylon Magazine, Jivamukti Yoga NYC, 1Hotels, SoHo House NYC, Ludlow House NYC.